LACTOSE    -     The polyvalent additive

A Milk sugar is the disaccharide of milk consisting of glucose and galactose. Because of the high lactase activity lactose is easily digested by piglets and calves, even soon after birth already.
In contrast to sweet whey permeate (lactose content only approx. 80 %) lactose powder has a remarkable higher purity. Therefore, lactose powder e.g. does not carry any non-protein nitrogen (NPN) into your finished product. Energy: ME (swine) 16,1 MJ

Recommended: Milk replacer, Piglet feed.
Origin:  USA, New Zealand.

Protein:  max.  0,5%
Lactose:  min. 99,0%	
Moisture: max.  1,0%
Crude Ash:max.  0,5%

  MAK/Probat    -     Lactose and whey protein carrier solution

MAK is a spray-dried and partly delactosed casein whey powder. Casein whey is a co-product of the manufacturing process of casein from liquid skim milk. Casein whey itself contains besides of lactose no casein protein, but still whey protein.
The co-product partly delactosed casein whey is produced by withdrawing a part of the milk sugar from casein whey to gain lactose. Stimultaneously to the withdrawal of lactose from the casein whey, the whey protein of casein whey is increased.

Recommended: Production of compound feed and milk replacer.
Origin:  Germany.

Lactose:   min.36,0%	
Moisture:  max. 5,0%
Crude protein: 20,0%
Crude ash:     25,0%
Crude fat: max. 2,0%

  SWEET WHEY PERMEATE    -     The polyvalent additive

Original whey permeate is rich in lactose. Therefore, also the product specified here contains significantly more lactose (content 84 %) and significantly less crude ash (content max. 7 %) than partly delactosed whey permeate from competitors. This differentiation is important, because in the market sometimes both original and partly delactosed whey permeates are being offered under the same short name "permeate".
Sweet whey permeate has got a unique position in the permeate market because of its remarkable structure and processing properties (non hygroscopic).
Sweet whey permeate is an excellent alternative to pure lactose, which is primarily produced for human nutrition only and therefore not always available for animal feed.

Recommended: Milk replacer, Piglet feed.
Origin:  USA, New Zealand.

Lactose:  min. 80,0%	
Moisture:       4,0%
Crude Protein:  3,5%
Crude Ash:      6,0%