CC 3% & CC 3,5%    -     specialty premix for sow

CC 3% and 3.5% are premix for sow feed, belongings to a nutrition program for sows of the company Vitalac, France. This program has been developed in Europe, Taiwan, and got a very good result.
Nutritional procedures conducted to each animal, controlling the body condition of every sow for the best technical and economical result (back fat from 18 to 20mm).
CC 3% and 3,5% provides essential nutrients for sow, including a high level of vitamin E natural and 18 amino acids-Vitalys. This special nutrition program optimizes the result in farm, which can be observed in sow and equally in piglet.

Recommended: Premix for sow in gestation and lactation.
Origin:  France.

CC               3%
Proteins:     13,5%
Fat:          3,54%
Humidity:     12,8%
Lysine:        0,7%

CC             3,5%
Proteins:       16%
Fat:           2,8%
Humidity:     12,7%
Lysine:       0,94%

  CC 5%    -     premix piglet feed, after weaning

CC 5% is a premix for piglets feed after weaning period, imported directly from France.
Occupies 5% in complete feed, CC 5% ensure appetite, good digestibility and nutrition efficient.
CC 5% increase feed quality and optimize piglet's growth.

Recommended: Premix for piglet after weaning.
Origin:  France.

Proteins:       18%
Fat:           2,6%
Humidity:     12,3%
Lysine:        1,3%

  Lactarine 20%    -     premix piglet feed, pre-starter

Lactarine 20% is a premix for piglet feed in maternity, directly imported from France.
Take a part 20% in complete feed, Lactarine 20% synthesized from high quality materials, ensure appetite, good digestibility and optimize nutrition efficient.
Lactarine 20% is considered as the standard for quality and effective nutritional piglets.

Recommended: Premix for piglet in maternity.
Origin:  France.

Proteins:           19%
Fat:                 7%
Humidity:           10%
Ash:               6,3%