21/01/2011: Seminar 3P Club – Happy New Year       

Seminar 3P Club: "antibiotique and its resistant"
The extensive use of antibiotics for bacterial infections in human and veterinary medicine selects for resistant microorganisms which may, in turn, transfer resistance factors to other bacteria thereby further enhancing their spread. The transfer of resistant bacteria has been shown to occur between different animal species, between people and from animals to people and vice versa.
Today, almost all important bacterial infections throughout the world are becoming resistant. The smart use of antibiotics is the key to controlling the spread of resistance…

  01/01/2011: Ceremony 4 years of TMP       

In the critical period of agriculture in Vietnam, the company still got good development.
A lot of new products have been launched to respond to the market's demand. In the near future, Toan My Phu has 3 important projects:
- Special nutrition program for sow
- Special liquid nutrition for fish
- A large game of dairy cow's additive product.

   29/10/2010: Seminar 3P Club       

Seminar 3P Club (pig progress producer): "lameness in adult pigs"
Lameness in pigs is often a problem in individual herds. Musculoskeletal problems are the second highest cause of culling in grower/finisher pigs and sows. Therefore, swine producers must continuously evaluate the importance of lameness on productivity or on the efficiency of production.
Problems may be seen in pigs of any age, but the greatest impact in a commercial herd may be related to interference with the production cycle due to inadequate performance of lame gilts and boars…

  24/09/2010: Seminar TMP Club       

In association with Cuong Loc distributor, Toan My Phu created new club of pig producer in Dong Nai province, "TMP Club".
Regrouped more than 20 farms in the region, The club renuni every 2 month in Dong Nai province.
The main goal is to organize seminar on nutrition and management, supporting famers to reach the best result that possible. The club is equally where pig's producers can meet and exchange information.

  10/09/2010: Hội thảo câu lạc bộ 3P       

Seminar 3P Club (pig progress producer):"Neonatal pig diarrhea"
Neonatal diarrhea has many causes. TGE - transmissible gastroenteritis occurs sporadically and coccidiosis appears seasonally, but the most commonly seen diarrhea is colibacillosis or Escherichia coli.
Three levels of control of neonatal diarrhea must be considered: the environment, the piglet itself and the dam. Indeed, by vaccinating sows shortly before farrowing and high quality of feed, the immune quality of colostrum greatly improves and so is the prevention of neonatale diarrhea…

  06/08/2010: Hội thảo cá tra Đồng Tháp       

Toan My Phu participated in big seminar on Pangasus in Dong Thap.
Organized by Viet Nam National Agricultủeal Extension Center, this seminar invited more than 400 producers to inform technical and market information.
Doctor Michel Guillaume got a speech on yellow color of fish's fillet and its solidity. Karno Liver and Karno Renol which are distributed by Toan My Phu are the solution for this problem.

  30/07/2010: Seminar 3P Club       

Seminar 3P Club (pig progress producer) "Hyper prolificacy: genetic aspect and consequences"
Although the components of litter size responsive to genetic selection are well established. However, the reality in existing "hyper-prolific" sows is that increased selection pressure for numbers born has led to indirect negative effects of intra-uterine crowding, reprogramming of fetal development, less efficient post-natal growth performance and adverse effects on carcass quality at slaughter …

  05/2010: Seminar 3P Club       

Seminar 3P Club (pig progress producer) "Effect and influence of hot and humid environment on zoo technical"
Environmental temperatures above the zone of thermoneutrality for swine do not usually result in death losses, but they can cause reduced growth performance in growing-finishing pigs and decreased reproduction in the breeding herd.
One of the first major consequences of heat stress is reduced feed intake. Heat stress decreases reproductive performance in both the sow and boar. The negative effects can be minimized by the use of artificial cooling, e.g., water sprinkler system. Cooling systems need not be sophisticated or expensive to be effective but they must be reliable and easy to maintain. Increasing the nutrient and energy density of the diet can also help to minimize the effects of high temperatures…

  25-27/03/2010: ILDEX       

Toan My Phu participates in ILDEX (International Livestock and Dairy Expo) in Vietnam. Stand D9-D10-D27-D28.
ILDEX Vietnam 2010 is ready to offer technology and business solutions for Vietnam's livestock, dairy, meat processing and aquaculture industries, according to organisers, NEO.
Date: 25-27/03/2010
Time: 10:00 - 18:00

  22/03/2010: Chuyển văn phòng mới       

Toan My Phu's office move to new address: 6.14 An Khang Building, An Phu ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

  01/2010: Ceremony 4 year of 3P Club       

3P Club (Pig Progress Producer) celebry 4 year of its creation.
Regroup more than 15 important actors in pig production in the south of Vietnam, the club assemble every 2 month to exchange on nutrition, management and market.
During those 4 years of activity, more than 20 technical seminars have been organized. The success of 3P Club showing the willingness of Toan My Phu in supporting our customer – for the best technical and ecomical benefice.