Welcome to Toan My Phu Co,. Ltd

Toan My Phu Co., Ltd. is a trading company servicing the agricultural industry and distributing an extensive range of feed raw materials, feed ingredients, as well as nutritional specialties to livestock, swine, poultry, dairy cows and aquaculture species.

Toan My Phu’s marketing is founded on the supplying of high quality products, feed ingredients and nutritional specialties and the provision of information and consultancy services.

Over the last few years Toan My Phu Co., Ltd. has become the exclusive partner of major well-known leading companies from Germany, France, USA,… Together with the assistance of specialists in animal nutrition from France and Germany, we provide our customers with quick and efficient technical consultancy services.

Confident in the quality of its products and the efficiency of its services, as well as its capacity to ensure high benefits to its customers, Toan My Phu endeavors to satisfy its customers’ need and requirements for:

      *Quality products at reasonable price.
      *Quick responsiveness to customers’ demands.
      *Information in husbandry techniques.